We understand charity as direct social responsibility for our neighbours and surrounding. That is why we share parts of our profits to local welfare and provide a youth training program in our spare times. In addition, we pass on our knowledge for preserving nature and diversities to locals and tourists.

Youth Training Program

Youth Training Program

For more than 5 years, we train young people from the countryside in becoming trekking guides themselves, for free. Furthermore we cover all costs for lodging and living in Pokhara. It is our heartfelt wish to pass on the vast knowledge about the mountainsides and the varieties of our rich culture to the youth.

The trainees occassionally participate in our treks and learn by doing with their mentors advice. Accompanied by language courses they attend, this is the best preparation for the official trekking guide certification program.

The goal of our youth training program is that the traniees achive certification of the Nepal Government’s ministry of Tourism, so that they can work as registered trekking guides themselves. This will give them the chance to make a good living and support all their families too. We hope that this has a far reaching positive effect on the whole personal environment of the trainees and the poor villages they come from.  One day, they might pass on their knowledge to other youngsters themselves. We want them to become brave hearts and good guides.

Do you want to support our youth training program? Please do not hesitate to send us an email.